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Initiation Taken by Janapremi

• Janapremi is the first private school in Bhaktapur, & 2nd school in the whole nation to initiate computer education in school level.
• Janapremi is the first school in Bhaktapur which introduced English language as a medium of instruction and conversation in classrooms.
• Janapremi is the only school in the district which has been catering quality education along with all sports facilities and the activities related to   lifeskills and personality development.
• Janapremi is the only school which nurtures students from Nursery to Bachelor’s level from all regions of the country under its umbrella.
• Janapremi is the school which has 24 hours CCTV surveillance in its premises including classrooms. All the classes and the activities of the teachers as well as students are monitored by the administration regularly.

Future Plan

Janapremi has set some concrete plans to be implemented and made effective in near future. It includes some ambitious, but demanding and concrete and concrete plans.
• Janapremi has planned to begin the Chinese language classes regarding the growing interest of people.
• Janapremi has planned to run the pre-primary section in a separate block of its own building including Semi-Montessori and Pure-Montessori classes.
• Janapremi will form a Guardians’ Team including the guardian representatives from all classes that will monitor the strategy and academic excellence regularly.
• Result-oriented and communicative methods of teaching will be made more effectively by providing regular training and workshops to teachers and students both.