Mr. Jhamak Basnet
Mr. Jhamak Basnet Campus Chief

Message From Campus Chief

Dear Parents/Guardians,students and Well wishers,

Welcome to Janapremi College! First of all, I am proud to be associated with Janapremi Education foundation which has been catering various levels of quality education as school level education since 2046 B.S. ,+2 level education from 2057 B.S.,Bachelor level (B.B.S.,TU) education from 2007A.D and BASW(T.U) level education since 2013 A.D under a single roof. In this regard,it’s our great pleasure to welcome you all to janapremi College for your higher studies to shape your future lives and to compare in the world of 21st century that is full of information and communication technology(ICT),globalisation,complexities,Dynamism and competitions and janapremi provides the bases to cope with all these aspect.Janapremi has developed the Motto: Quality Education for all because only the implementation of progressive measures can bring about quality education,which is indispensable for every nation in this era of information and communication technology.Choosing a right stream from a right college at affordable fee is definitely a challenging task for every students.After all,big things are at stake:their money,their time and their career.We do not just believe in delivering lectures instead we pursue sophisticated teaching techniques like counselling,indivisualitised teaching and the the use of modern educatioal technology to the students followed by full knowledge about courses and enough physical facilities at affordable fee structure in self-owned four modern buildings. Janapremi college ensures all the parents/guardians and the students that each and every word will be provided with the essential supports as well as personal guidance and counselling s/he may need during his/her studies at janapremi at any tier of their education. Janapremi,In order to fulfill its commitment is armed with an experienced teaching facultiy,efficient administrative staff members and modern infrastructures including library and sports facilities for indoor and outdoor games. We will never compromise with anything far as quality education is concerned. Quality education for all is our motto since its inception. we would like to assure you all that Janapremi will always abide by its motto at any rate. As we have completed the eight academic session,I would like to thank you all for making janapremi the college of your first choice.

Last but not the least,if you have not visited us yet please visit us now and let let us know your expectations and share your experience with us.Lets walk in hand to hand for the intended quality education for all. Wishing you all the best.