Nilesh Acharya
Nilesh Acharya Principal

Message From Principal

On behalf of Adarsha Janapremi EHSS/College, I would like to congratulate for your success and welcome all prospective student to janapremi for your studies.

Education, in true sense has a vivid connotation of a process of life longer learning. time and technology create amendments in the conventional of a pattern of teaching and learning. Every moment, nowadays come with changes. Traditional approaches in learning process do not promote and fulfil prevailing global needs of new generation we therefore have stepped ahead to equip the students of new generations with need based academic quality within our dynamic learning community we have create a pleasant academic environment for the holistic development of our students.

We inspire our students to achieve absolute academic potential as well as to develop personal qualities and skill which are essential for their future life and work.Nuturing leadership, we aim to recognize and celebrate individual talents with utmost assimilation of new technology to learning we are also committed to provide a world class education so that our students can become invaluable human resource to their communities.

Finally, I would like to as certain friendly and creative learning environment at janapremi. My faculty and I look forward to meeting you.